Saturday, April 24, 2010

千八百九十六: さよなら

Waiting for my hair to dry a little before sleeping.

We had a farewell dinner for Kelly & Jimmy tonight. I will definitely miss them..

me & Jimmy

UAT team with Jimmy who almost joined us.. sighz.

if only he had joined us we wouldn't need to have this party.

Someone said I seemed to be getting prettier everytime he saw me. What nice words, but i laughed at him and said "hahaha, of course I can't be getting uglier right?" jokingly, and he was like "erh.. nono i really mean it ".. and i was quite in disbelief but thanked him anyway for the compliment. I had motivation to keep in shape / maintain looks, but now it's kinda sorta at a "so what if I do all these, or look better, I'm always the one who is alone in the end..." i need alot of affirmation in my life, or perhaps it's just my character.but is there anything so wrong about that?

Already started feeling somewhat keen on being initiative despite everything. Perhaps things will never change as long as I am still me.


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