Tuesday, May 18, 2010

千九百: Alien card

Japan legal procedures are so frustrating! I've to renew my alien card annually which means having to provide 2 new passport-sized photos annually even though the old card was fine and i didn't change so much in my looks over the past year!? and they have to waste materials making a perfectly new holographic card (like the NRIC card material). duh!!!!

I have to go down to the ward office during lunch and I have to go down to renew my spouse visa tomorrow morning as well.. I swear that this is just a prank for them to get more money from me because a yearly visa is more expensive than them giving me a 3 year visa. argh!

Went to the gym yesterday, surprisingly still able to do the Yoga poses. I guess balance is one thing that remains, but flexibility isn't. Couldn't reach my toes when I bent over, however balancing was still a breeze on the tree pose. But. due to lack of exercise, leg muscles have weakened and of course i needed more effort to stand on 1 foot for the same amount of time as before. But it works, 1 kg has gone away from yesterday, I have less than 3 months to train now!


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