Sunday, May 30, 2010

千九百零四: 赤壁

I watched the Chinese opera version of 赤壁 yesterday performed by a Hunan opera troupe. I had only watched Red Cliff 1 at the movies so I didn't really know the story for this. The acrobatic fighting scenes with a huge amount of somersaults and flips were very cool, but the ending with Guan Yu letting Cao Cao go was quite sucky.

Bought the DDR version of wii, now everything wii is = xxxfit , everything has become some sort of workout which I'm quite a sucker for especially since i'm only paying to go to the gym per use. the main aim of gym is yoga and the treadmill but I think I have to start running outdoors soon because of the stupid 1 hour limit on the machines. how far can I run in an hour? unless it forces me to run a longer distance in a shorter time though. so far have managed to run about 7.5km in an hour, I need to slowly increase that to 10km if possible. anyway, i have the whole of next week to myself to play with the DDR game and to workout i guess. I can try to run before work every morning but it's hard to begin alone. and I'm not familiar with the roads as well. I guess the safest way is to run along the train tracks..


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