Friday, May 28, 2010

千九百零三: 夕日

Some may have seen this in facebook, this is the better quality photo taken with my digicam. Gives me a very serene feeling looking at this picture.


Going to watch a 京劇 tomorrow, it's 「赤壁の戦い」 Red Cliff actually. which reminds me, i should watch Red Cliff 2 today to finish the story before I go tomorrow. Am debating internally if it's worth it to get the macro lens now, with the 5% off within this month. After calculationg it's actually cheaper to get it this month.. but should I? have already kinda overspent this month :(hmm but that's because of my sg ticket. hmmmm i have another 3 days to think about it. Finally settled all the tickets for the family for their JP trip as well.

Work is slow this week, because of the environment problems. I want to ask for more work but I'm afraid that when the wedding looms nearer it might be very difficult to handle.

In the midst of Season 3 of Criminal Minds, and next friday there is going to be CSI NY marathon on AXN. woohoo!


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