Friday, June 11, 2010

千九百零六: Salut!

I was feeling quite silly one evening and decided to use my camera to take my own pic when I was working with the self timer:


and so this is what i look like when I'm semi-busy and staring at the PC screen. A little fierce, like I might shout at the next person who talks to me. hahaha!

This week was all business at the last minute, ie, end of day work. Which was not that great, because I wanted to go quite a few places this week.

Monday - Monday evening was a blank though, i totally can't recall what I did in the night.
Ok after much thinking I finally realised I went to the dentist. and extracted my baby tooth stump.

Tuesday - went to take a look at the interpreter sch, they said even though my english was ok, Jpnese maybe need to study more. all because of they made a take a test by reading a newspaper article out loud. Who does that in real life?! even if you don't know the pronunciation doesn't mean you don't know the meaning anyway. The lady said something like ... maybe your polite form isn't good enough in Japanese , then I was thinking, how many of your students started out with strong polite form in English?? But ok.. just abit pissed off at their snobby attitude, am glad I don't have to spend money there anymore.

Wednesday - watched Shaolin soccer on tv, was hilarious as before and nolstagic of the days in uni when we watched it in the LT and couldn't stop laughing when the fat guy ate the raw eggs.

Thursday - went to register for French lessons at Alliance Francaise Osaka, they asked me to go for the 1st lesson on 3rd July, to see if I was comfortable with the level before I needed to commit. Which was really nice of them! Am so glad I didn't spend money on the interpreter sch, the course of 1 month there would have covered 2 semesters' fees at AF. Was looking at the French Text last night and I think I need some intensive revision before lessons start. Hope I can make some new friends there! :)

Friday - couldn't really wake up today due to the late meetings last night then having to wake up to make breakfast then go back to sleep again. Still feeling super groggy, at least there is the world cup to look forward to tonight. Go Mexico!!


Anonymous Siraj said...

Hey Booboo girl, let me confess that you are really beautiful. Really you have some attraction in you

2:37 pm GMT+8  

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