Thursday, August 12, 2010

千九百十二: Visitors

Whole family gathered in Japan the past weekend (mom and sis came 2 weeks earlier), and 2nd sister remains here with Calvin this week.

It was half good half bad.

Good - Mom was around to take of us, she cleaned up the whole house and there was meals mom prepared and I didn't have time to cook my own meals as I was trying to finish up AQR and the wedding stuff as well. Had a lot of fun with my sister(s) around, was able to draw great maps for her to move around in. They finally saw for themselves what my life was like - (alone for almost 80% of the time) and luckily they were around, even if just for meals, or playing DDR or guitar hero, cos the previous 2 weeks i would have been alone in the house like the whole time.

Bad - i was too busy with work to really bring the family around the 1st 2 weeks, Mom was unhappy about almost everything - she really isn't a very good traveller since she doesn't eat majority of the meats and JP isnt a vegetarian friendly country, and kept showing mood swings and the horrifically hot and humid weather (37 degrees celsius max) didn't help things much.

But, managed to take take my sisters to watch baseball (luckily there is high sch baseball tournaments ongoing) which we enjoyed immensely since we totally understand the concept of school pride, took lots of paparazzi type pictures of each other and cute guys we saw on the streets, went to some temples before my mom said *another temple again!?* -.-, did stupid stuff like poke at deer, avoid deer shit, watched fireworks, tried ESP with each other (and succeeded) and did some daily stuff together like jogging / supermarket groceries buying and just strolling around the neighbourhood.

Some stuff we saw
ponyo sticking out of the Ghibli store signboard

at the baseball game - before a hit

Some shots my sis took of me:
me looking like a lost tourist when waiting for the toilet go-ers

resting my tired feet in 丸山公園 after a day in kyoto

and the wedding finished up w/o much problems except alot of complaints about the wedding coordinator and the photographer.
the cocktail dress from La Belle

warning - > 600 pics in full set of pics taken by my sisters & Calvin here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexxis/sets/72157624700716412/


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