Wednesday, July 07, 2010

千九百十: World Cup

Watching the world cup the past few weeks hence the lack of posts. Supreme lack of sleep, plus been busy with work.. its UAT again. and running.

Am very proud of myself that I have managed to go running almost every sunny day in June, and managed to get my target below 30 minutes for 5km, (around 29min at 5km, 31:37 at 5.45km. Can see my activities here - http://runkeeper.com/user/booboogal/ but I've set the maps to be private to avoid getting any stalkers behind me since I usually run around my house area. I'm not really sure what I'm running for, partly was to lose fats, partly was to improve my stamina, partly was to have some sort of goal and to have the discipline to achieve what I had set for myself. It's kinda working out well for other parts of my daily routine as well, because i'm forced to have breakfast so that i can run in the afternoon, or just have more regular / earlier meals. I've gotten more familiar with the buildings/ shops along the run routes, and discovered a few other shops that I want to go to if I have time.

Photo of the day - a preview of the dessert course - I can't really remember the name of each piece, so will have to make do with calling them thingeys. I liked the citrus thingey better.
chocolate thingey, and a citrus thingey.

Everything is in quite a mess now. EVERYTHING. I wish someone can come and rescue me.


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