Monday, August 23, 2010

千九百十三: Tenacity

a Daddy Long Legs was hanging on to the car mirror for dear life when we drove to the hair salon.


It was amazing, managed to hang on for about 1 km before dropping off somewhere.

Got a hair cut on Saturday, ate thai food for dinner, and realised I had stomach flu when for the 3rd time that week my stomach was hit with sharp pains during dinner and had to run to the loo. Luckily in all instances, the loos were pretty clean and I made it to the loo in time despite the urgency of the situations. (T.T) Woke up super early with bad stomachaches the whole week as well.

I haven't been sleeping well partly due to the weather - 36 degrees celsius on the avg daily. Plus our stupid fan stops every 6 hours automatically. DUH!! it might be to save power, but who wakes up every 6 hours to on the fan in the night! sighz. i guess it's our own fault for buying a fan with this stupid feature, but i realised most fans have this auto off feature. RAWR!!!


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