Thursday, October 07, 2010

千九百十八: Happiness?

Are you happy?

Shoebag & jeans got stolen from Queenstown stadium yesterday. Thankful it wasn't more, no valuables missing, but very heartpain for my jeans as it was Ruehl 925 and the brand has been closed down by A&F. sighz. Only good thing was I went to buy a new pair of jeans today from Levis and realised with all the jogging i'm down to a size 24 (demi curve, skinny boot). Trying to get over the loss (very hard as i am very very careful with my stuff and very attached to most stuff i own, i can't sell them, can't give them away, can't throw away, typical hoarder..) Cursing the horrible thief made me feel better although i actually secretly hope that he /she will realise that it's only jeans and bring it back to the stadium and just put it back where they took it from. sighz.....

A question was stuck in my head from Belgariad. *Is a sound a sound if no one hears it?* Does this apply to human lives too? where no one ever *hears* the sound of you being alive, where u left no impression with anyone, were you really alive? It takes effort to maintain relationships and interest in other people's lives; maintaining any sort of relationship (friendship, watever ship) takes effort from both parties. If people realise that you have no intention of putting in effort and always only depend on others to keep contact, I think the relationship will probably just trail off and break down sooner or later. hmm. depressing.


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