Saturday, October 30, 2010

千九百二十一: Crazy week

MBS all lighted up

Ok I'm feeling rather exhausted from the past week at work that I don't even have the energy to think of any good name for the week. Facing super tight deadlines with the pressure to deliver for a major project. I'm not saying I can't do it, but I do wish people would stop asking how I'm going to do it. If it comes to me having to work until 3am every night to complete it I will but I can't say that to you right? :( Of course I hope that won't happen, probably have to diligently put in a few hours today & tomorrow to clear it. After next week the nightmare will be over! Yesterday was probably the first friday in a long time that I actually was thinking TGIF when I woke up. Couldn't face more mails/ IMs coming from pple who are not supposed to be under my charge to keep asking for details details when it's things they can find out themselves. I actually was dithering / delaying opening my mailbox as much as I could.

Finally met up with the sixoneders 2 weeks ago. I must thank XQ for always organising a gathering when he comes back. I always think of them but if I organise something I have to have a place for them to go which I usually have no idea where. I'm still amazed at how time flies by and people are starting to bring wives / husbands to the gatherings. I think the next time there will really be kids too and it's really amazing how we are all still so close and the same old jokes just never fail to make all of us laugh despite the years and not having seen one another for years also. 1 thing we all agree on, no one has changed much. Not in looks (seriously all of us look the same as we were in JC except 1-2 pple have ballooned), not in behaviour, it's like we are all still stuck in JC days. How strange.

GE Run tomorrow.. hopefully I can do better, and not rush for the loo in the middle of it :p

I'm now hooked on Godfinger thanks to TY, but it's definitely much better on the Ipad then the phone, cos it's so small. hmm. But too many wants on the list, and have many weddings coming up so am getting a little broke. Have to get a tripod maybe, drybox back in JP since i have 4 lens now, some presents for upcoming birthday pple, wedding angbaos, and maybe some running wear for winter as I'm thinking of joining some runs in Kobe in January, will be a good experience to test out the running better in less humidity theory.


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