Monday, November 15, 2010

千九百二十四:  Books

I realise that I only have 1 month left in SG to exercise my library privileges so I've decided to read at least 4 new books a week.

Novels, non-fiction, historical accounts, anything. I've recently got myself interested in WWII historical accounts, especially from the Asian warfront, about encounters with the Japanese army from the Allies, (since I'm in SG) but it's hard to get a true account of the perspective from the Japanese side except from Japan. So far the war museums in Japan have been interesting and very educational, but of course I would like to have English materials to read to understand fully what went on.

btw, Singaporeans are really lucky to have NLB. We have so many libraries every where and the convenience of returning the books anywhere is amazing now that i've experienced library services in Japan. so few libraries, very little English books (not really a valid complaint since I'm in Japan), no availability to return books as and where.. no wonder when I said I had enrolled myself as a member, Ryo was surprised (he has never joined a library his whole life in JP) and i was like.. but I can't just keep buying books to be able to read so many books in the world! I was trying to find secondhand bookstores (for English books in Japan) but they seem to be mostly in Tokyo, and now I understand why their bookstores are booming since no one goes to the library! there are bookstores at almost all train stations, Japanese people read a lot I believe so if they spent some money increasing the number of libraries in these times of recession, I'm sure the library memberships would just explode and grow exponentially.

Serious lack of sleep this week, first it was because of work, after that it was because I was too excited work's done and then just had to do my own stuff before I sleep and before I know it it's past midnight, past 1 am, past 2 am before i force myself to lie down and not do a thing in bed to fall asleep.

Trying to achieve the feeling of no-negativity towards others in my mind, and this mantra really helps : If you don't care why should I?

It seems to be working, I do make an effort to say what I feel but I don't think I should make myself all unhappy if people choose to ignore my advice. I said whatever I said because I cared, but if you don't care why should I? -> see, it comes in very useful.

Favourite picture of the week:

the crowd milling around a Z1 at BMWworld

BMW World was so so, quite small venue, nothing really superb? Luckily it was free admission, gave us a chance to see the concept car as well.


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