Monday, November 01, 2010

千九百二十二: Great Eastern Women 10K

my first finisher's medal

Went for the GE women's 10K run yesterday and completed it in 59:29. I had to stop for a toilet break halfway again argh, but i think it was more psychological than physical. I just kept thinking i can't go to the loo when I started and i guess the more you think about it the more you want to do it instead so.. in the end i had to go.. :( 2 races in 2 weeks are abit too much for a novice runner like me, when after the run I was just dragging my right foot around wherever I walked. I think I need to train my thighs abit more with bodylicious type exercises. Felt very fatigued around middle of the run and was very much struggling to even continue running. perhaps it was just because of the mental exhaustion from the week at work. and the route was boring, no scenery, just kept going up and down the same road and u-turning. bleahz.

after the race..

going to just train for 10km and improve my timing first before even trying to go for distance. Don't want to try to achieve too much at a time, improving the time to 50 minutes will be my next goal :)

Last week of UAT this week .. looking forward to the holiday on Friday. but then.. it's only Monday...


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