Sunday, November 07, 2010

千九百二十三: Heritage

My favourite photo of the week:
picture of j taking a picture of the giant capsicum

Artists should make more of such sculptures - we know what it is with 1 look instead of those abstract types u need to think and understand and its damn cute too :)

I realised that I haven't been to most of the museums in SG. Went to the SAM (Singapore Art Museum) one public holiday long long ago in 2003? and that's it. it was pretty interesting, but yet did not have the chance to visit the rest of the museums in SG while i went all over the world visiting the famous museums w/o knowing what our own National museum was like. Our museum may not have historical exhibits of the ancient civilisations, the roman empires, or the pyramids' replicas, but they do have Singaporean food history, fashion, living, and with our really short history i think it's pretty good. Looking around brings back a sense of nostalgia, and I might be too young to really understand or remember seeing everything, but I think I might come back here when I'm older and see all sorts of items i would be exclaiming *oh i remember this!* to my children/grandchildren about. The other 2 museums were a little small, and I wonder why they don't try to combine everything into the National Museum to reduce operating costs and to improve visitors' experience? there seems to be too few exhibits for the National museum, and I'm wondering where's the history museum that has all the war time history artifacts?

Reading the Runner's Rule Book now. it's super funny. I was laughing by myself when thumbing through the book at Running Lab today and I just had to get it. I found another book by the same author and I was standing in Kino reading it and just couldn't stop laughing. Until a lady came over to me, and said, I seem to be enjoying myself, it's such a rare sight to be able to see people laughing aloud when reading. hahaha. so embarrassing. but then it was really funny..

long weekend 2thirds over. Have to get work done tomorrow.. yuck yuck yuck!!! I feel so reluctant to open my mailbox nowadays, because it means I probably have to fight with people to get them over obvious issues and i'm really tired of it. the pictures/screenshots are so obvious, are they blind??

flight back to JP decided. have about a month in SG left.


Anonymous yesterdaysg said...

Nice pix.

"but they do have Singaporean food history, fashion, living, and with our really short history i think it's pretty good."

Totally agree with this. Our story may be short, but it's our story to tell. :)

10:25 am GMT+8  

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