Monday, November 29, 2010

千九百二十七: Unstoppable

38.3km to Singapore

I think this sign at Kukup is cool - like the floor area of the GMT clock in Greenwich where they show where / what time all the major cities in the world is. Kukup had really good seafood, their cereal prawns were much better than sg, not so harsh pieces of cereal and the crabs were cooked in a much tastier chilli concoction than sg too.

Unstoppable last week was very heartstoppingly exciting. Living next to the train tracks for pretty much half of my life so far, I can totally feel the danger of the runaway train in a densely populated residential area.

Finally rebonded my hair after 1 year of trying to grow out the broken hair from the last rebonding session. The chemicals were too strong, leading to a flaky scalp for almost half a year, hair breaking in chunks from my head (which scared me really badly and i thought I was balding when hair came off in bunches when I was washing my hair) and very very dry hair made worse by the long winter in Japan. Decided that I could not go through all that again and went back to Mei Mei my longtime stylist who still remembered me & did some great work on my hair as usual :) Business seems to be going well for her and i'm happy for her!

I'll be leaving Singapore in 2 more mondays! even though I was here for 3 months, the last 2 weeks are always packed with meeting people, strangely, but at least I realise that many people actually are quite happy to catch up and meet with me even after a gap of a year or 2.


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