Wednesday, November 17, 2010

千九百二十五: Grey

I am starting to dread coming back to the house because my mom will start to quarrel with my dad everyday at bedtime. Usually it's about how he doesn't chat with her.

wth is this about? when I don't take her side, she bursts into tears which irritates me more. When I am in Japan, I face 4 walls and i have no one to speak to most of the time. and she is the person who keeps saying to me: "oh u will get used to it". I wish she would just take her own advice. at least my dad is in the office with her almost 8 hours a day?? When I'm in Singapore no one really chats with me face to face as well, the only consolation is that if i make it into the office early enough, I can have lunch with humans. else I would eat lunch alone at my desk again.

it's raining every afternoon nowadays and my mood is pretty much the same - grey grey grey.

I walked into Kikki.k at Ion (which I would probably spend all my money in if I had more of it) and saw some really good ideas for organizers / calendars / notebooks. They were also giving out a Xmas gift catalogue which kinda reminded me that the year is coming to an end soon. I remembered making xmas cards last year and sending them out to friends which only reached them after new year, and I think I have to start early this year and thinking what kind of card I should send out. I don't know if people actually keep them, or maybe i should ask pple if they even want to receive physical cards. ok I asked on facebook. I hope there will be responses. Thinking if i should give any gifts at all, have thought out some gifts for some people.. but the rest probably will go by air mail i think...

New goal in mind for 10km. Must try to have more discipline to run in the mornings - but the mornings in SG are just so hot :( I need to be able to run the current race pace as my normal training times (flat ground minimal slope) - to be able to run 5km in 28 min or less normally is pretty much a condition for any improvement. (mental encouragement to myself: go Jocelyn!)


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