Tuesday, December 07, 2010

千九百二十八: SCMS2010


the Standard Chartered Marathon is finally over.

Last marathon of the year in SG, last run as a supporter for me this year, not sure if I will support any runs next year in SG..

Seeing so many people run back while I stood at the finishing area until my nose was sunburnt, I'm wondering why i'm not out there among the runners instead. Maybe next year that's my goal i suppose. But planning alot for next year, I can only have confidence in myself to achieve everything I'm trying to do :) Luckily Xinhuan came over to accompany me after she finished her race, I was wondering if I should leave after standing there for 2 hours plus and I wasn't sure if I had actually missed the runners I was watching out for since i hadn't seen anyone I knew yet...

1 more week to go, feels a little torn between missing friends and happy to be going back. I want to have my own time back!Commuting to work is such a waste of time, when I spend >2 hours each day in total travelling on the bus instead of working. I have no time to run as and when I want, instead i'm stuck in the office. also, I'm just spending so much money here! argh... Must go back to the cooking my own meals life soon to start growing the bank account again.

I will miss watching movies in the cinema for sure. Wonder if I have time to go see another 2 movies this week, maybe i'll just head out there and watch my first movie alone tomorrow. Rapunzel & something else that I can't remember right now. I'm glad I caught 告白.. it was disturbing but had a very interesting plot. intriguing all the way.. Anyway... time to start packing up my bags and say goodbye to people!

Trying out smugmug site for pictures of the marathon:

for people who just want to stick to good old flickr, here's the link:


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