Friday, December 31, 2010

千九百三十三:2010 reflections


The year of 2010 just flew by in the blink of an eye when I can still remember the previous year so clearly. Perhaps it's because it's so eventful that when I think back, I can still remember clearly what I did each month in 2010, almost each week.

A Recap of the year:
January: Visited my sister in London, and went to Paris and Sweden as well! Realised the travelling alone is a lonely lonely thing, but i survived -16degrees celsius.

February: Wedding anniversary at Kinosaki Onsen, ate crabs until I was pretty sick of them. Found out I was allergic to crab sashimi.

March: A loved one hurt me very badly. 1st death anniversary of Ayaka, the ladies came down from Tokyo and we had a good get together.

April: Bought my first DSLR & watched my first soccer game live in Jpn, went to SG - v-jimlim left MS with kelly... but good food and good friends all around :)

May: Went to USS with Xinhuan, went to Melaka, went to Tokyo, met up with friends :) Baked my first (& only) buns.

June: Quiet month, mainly prepared for JP wedding & took Vik around Osaka/Kobe. Ran outdoors for the first time.

July: World Cup finals, & went back to SG for 2 weeks for wedding stuff and alot of food again,

August: JP wedding finally over (8-Aug), family gathered at my place for 3 weeks & was busy with wedding & sightseeing and work. followed through the high school baseball tournaments, got very tanned as a result. but the passion they provided is unforgettable.

September: Went back to SG (again...) Lots of birthday celebrations in SG, with both family and friends & turning 28, probably finally grew up alot more as well.. F1 for the first time and I realised that car engines are my lullabies..

October: Supported runs (Real Run, North Face), joined my first run (Nike!), and GE run. ILight , eMcee-ed at Adrian's wedding, sixoneder gatherings, XQ came back to SG

November: BMW World, went to the museums, went to Kukup

December: Christine's wedding, Jimmy's unexpected wedding, went to support a (few) marathon participants.. got hurt again. Went to Guam, thought through alot of things, decided it was time to stop being an idiot.

There. my 2010.

Jampacked with activities, came to the realization that i need to be more aloof. I put in too much of myself for people I care about but then that's me, why would you want to do things halfheartedly? No one forced you into anything, rather than regret bad decisions, what's done is done and just put your heart to it and you might enjoy this alternative route that you had thought was wrong.. I guess i want to just say, stop sweating over the small stuff, life is not that long, u never know when's it's your last. I would rather die knowing i put in my best for the people I loved than have treated any of them shabbily and regretted it.

Spring cleaning yesterday, today was just abit of last minute clean up and then later to the temple for the 初詣 at midnight. To give thanks for 2010 and to look forward to 2011. It will be a better year because I will make it better, and not just because I hope it will be.

Happy New year everyone!


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