Friday, January 14, 2011

千九百三十六: Long week

can you believe that this dog is a handphone strap!?

what a long week.

what a long week.

i think next week will be longer..

i'm feeling so exhausted this whole week from the barrage of questions i face everyday & from coordinating so many things at the same time that i think my brain just shuts down around 9pm and i don't even want to go near the laptop cause I feel kinda repulsed by it.

The worst of the questions are things I've said b4, did training for so many times for the most basic work, the supposedly 'senior' people come to ask me again how to do. I don't mind people asking me stuff, i'm willing to help if I'm quite free but when i'm not, and i'm dodging arrows left and right and still have to teach you to do stuff and make decisions for you, should I get 20% of your salary?? Or people asking questions that are not even in their duties to check, I'm thinking just do what I ask u to instead of doing so many extra things when you haven't finished your own work !! can really strangle these people...

what a long week.

Photos of my first ever winter run here:

It was a great experience, especially to see how events are held in different countries and how different cultures behave at the same kind of event. It rained/snowed a little during the run, super windy for most of it, sunny for the most of it too.. at first it was really hard to stand around in the cold, but actually with all the adrenaline and jumping around, it was really that bad despite the temperature being around 5 degrees celsius.

Got 2 big ulcers in my mouth now, worst thing is 1 is on the left and the other is on the right side of my mouth and is about 2cm long. Hurts like hell when I eat..

ok.. am exhausted now too... am going to grab some dinner (alone for the 4th time this week) and stone at the couch.


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