Friday, February 18, 2011

千九百四十: Lethargy

Flowers at Sentosa

Relaxed week this week finally - got to do abit of my own stuff and finish up stuff that I wanted to do and meet up with some friends for dinner as well. Wanted to start running but the first run I finally went for after a 3(?) week break was a painful one. I think I didn't stretch enough and the old pain in the back of the knee came back and I had to walk 4km home :(

Of cos the pain carried on at least 2 days, so I stayed at home and strived to do at least 30 minutes of Yoga daily instead. I think it's working because my arms are aching like mad from the yoga and legs alittle too but I can finally touch my toes. First half marathon on 20th March. 1 more month! argh!!!! maybe i will die at the run.. :x Planning out next week's training now, hopefully I can keep to it.

Made chocolates for the first time this week, the problem is that it doesn't harden, i read and re read the recipe and i couldn't figure out where I did wrong.. does anyone know why??


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