Saturday, February 12, 2011

千九百三十九: Chinese New Year 2011

a Tabby cat searching in a shoebox for food

Ryo's first time back to SG after the wedding, his first time here during CNY as well. this week was soooo short, half taken over by me trying to clear work early in the day and late at night, but thankfully for great colleagues who help to back me up for the past few days.

1 week in sg is too short, there isn't enough time to meet up with everyone i want to meet and meet more with other friends too. and not enough time to eat the food i wan to eat too.. since it's CNY.. have to spend priority time with family first then friends. at least managed to take lots of pictures.

back in japan now, the cold is killing me. 2degrees today! (T.T) wish I'm back in sg..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger booboogal said...

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