Monday, January 31, 2011

千九百三十八: Numb3rs

The address is 1-1-1

I love taking pictures of signboards, of road signs, of mailboxes, of numbers and words.

Why? Maybe cause when you look back they tell you where u have been, where you have left your foot steps etc. Especially when your memory starts to fail you, the pictures won't. my MIL is the best example. She travels alot, maybe 3-4 countries a year, Switzerland, Greece, Rome etc, but when I tried to help her sort out her travel pics in the PC, she had no idea where the places in the pics were. -.- I was thinking omg, wats the point of travelling when u dun remember all the sights and sounds that you went there to experience, even looking at the photos you took, you don't remember where you went. because not a single road sign or signboard to identify the place, just scenery shots. what a waste... (like bringing kids /babies to tour and its a waste of money cos they can't really remember the place after they grow up.. )

Been taking alot of pictures lately - because Ryo works on the weekends and I have to spend the weekend fending for myself and finding interesting stuff to do. Basically decided to explore the city & take pictures, after French class, usually i have lunch with Ryo & then we split up ..

so I went for a walk around Osaka (shopping streets) - http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexxis/sets/72157625903122948/

the Historical CBD areas : http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexxis/sets/72157625817509537/

The previous run on 23 Jan at Takatsuki City : http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexxis/sets/72157625817234289/

& had a gathering with some Singaporean ladies here i got to know at the SG embassy lunch a few weeks ago, for some Dim Sum at Kyoto: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexxis/sets/72157625943751466/

I haven't been to Kyoto since August when my family came over; it was pretty much the same except the weather was VERY COLD. apparently Kyoto is in a valley, so all the winds blow through it. The bad thing is when Ryo finally joins me sometimes to walk around, he really irritates me cos all he does is complain: *i'm sleepy, i need coffee, i'm cold* ... I want to go out and take photos since we rarely go to Kyoto! and then i just think damn it, i'm too used to travelling around by myself liao, it's nice to have company but it's so troublesome to accommodate someone else. I'm fine with having a coffee/drink but i'm not ok with the supposed companion continuously being so negative behind/ beside me. The only good thing was at Starbucks, this quite cute guy who was sitting outside, finished smoking and came in to escape from the cold and to finish his drink. He saw the few seats beside me was empty, our eyes kinda met and he kinda gave a hesitant smile and started coming in to sit down. I wasn't sure if he was asking are the seats empty, but the whole row was empty except for me & Ryo beside /behind me cos i wanted to look at the sidewalk so I was kinda turned away from Ryo & looking outside (hence able to see the cute guy) and i wasn't really sure I wanted him approaching me with Ryo behind me and i was just thinking sighz.. why am i married ... so when he came in, he gave a hesitant smile again, and i was like like half nodded to try to say ya, the seats are empty, but refused to make anymore eye contact after that even though he kinda half turned around like he wanted to get some courage to chat. I think he finally gave up when he saw me turn back to Ryo when Ryo said something to me. sighz....... what a waste .. even if just to make friends... but then i really don't even want guys to hv the chance to get the wrong idea or to have any temptations since i'm alone so much. :(

Will be back in SG next weekend onwards for a very short week though. Looking forward to having some chicken rice and KOI everyday :D


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