Thursday, March 10, 2011

千九百四十二: Still Sick

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I'm still sick. with cough and symptoms just get worse in the evening even though I feel better towards the afternoon. At night, I start coughing more, throat hurts more, head hurts more as well and I start feeling woozy. maybe it's the lack of use of my head that's why i'm getting headache (work's been a little slow recently)

Manami & Akane came to stay over the weekend & we visited Ayaka's mom & Ayaka's grave. We didn't stay long, but even the simple act of lighting the candles and burning some incense for her brought tears to our eyes. Her mum visits her everyday, everyday after work. She didn't know that we had visited the cemetery ourselves last year, and finally the mystery of the secret visitor to the grave was cleared (to the mum at least) I guess she didn't think anyone would make a visit so far by themselves.. Maybe everything is just fate, that I will live here and be just 30 min car ride away so that I can visit her or to bring friends to visit her every year. She gave us a reason for gathering every year, 1 less member this year, I think we might have one less next year depending on situation (i hope she comes back to Japan).

They stayed over on Saturday and Sunday we went to Kitano (北野) in Kobe. it's an area in Kobe with lots of colonial buildings and colonial culture so even now it has many many French and Italian restaurants and steak houses. We had a late lunch at Komatsu and it was pretty good. But after that, it started raining when we left the restaurant and I had no umbrella, so just walked in the drizzle... and think that's how I got sick.. when I reached home I was getting headachy and throat started to hurt.. and that's how I am still sick today. sighz.

hope to get better next week or I wont be running my half-marathon le... :(


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