Monday, May 09, 2011

千九百四十六: 21km

a fallen pine cone at Rokko

It was a pretty good golden week holiday for me, despite Ryo going to work most of the days and I had work as well some of the days. Took some time out to go trail running (walking for most of it) with some of the run club friends, and also a run club activity yesterday. Met my goal of running 21km last week - with a run club friend giving support by joining me at the last 10km. Basically I had no time to be bored or lonely throughout the past week :D

Trail run gave me super bad muscle ache in my thighs from the climbing uphill i guess, but felt super good when we managed to reach the top of the mini-hill we were climbing and see out into the distance. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day, so didn't manage to get good photographs.

21km run was completed on Saturday morning. Started out at around 7am.. made my way w/o a map towards the meeting point, got a little lost for about 2km but managed to complete the whole thing in 2.5hours despite all the red lights and checking roadside maps :D

Run club was on sunday, day after the run & I was surprised i had no muscle ache from the 21km. Krispy Kreme donut for breakfast, then managed to do another 8+ km on sunday morning, we then headed for udon lunch and yoghurt again after that :D after that we just hung around the shops for a bit.

Work work work today, & then French starts again tmr & will be headed to Tokyo tmr night. Have to do a 30km this week!


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