Saturday, June 18, 2011

千九百四十七: A Marathon & A Wedding in Singapore

my mum's bazhang is the best!

Long time no blog! Because I was
1. Training & running the sundown marathon,
2. Working my ass off for some dumbo project where the manager likes to have pre call sync up calls and post call syncup calls.
3. Too much activities meeting up with friends in Singapore

I'm back in Kobe for this week and next and then jetting off again :)

Sundown was quite hellish. actually it was ok until around 17km when i pulled something again at the back of my left knee and it got worse and worse until I had to stop and walk til I dropped. or until 30km. I was doing ok until 13km, did my best to slow jog until 17km when even a jog was impossible and limped-dragged my feet all the way to 30km before deciding to give up. it took me around 3 hours to reach 21km, i guess 1 hour for the 5 km i walked and another 2 km for the 9km.. :x Luckily the volunteer was kind enough to lend me his phone so that I could call HW who managed to pick me up or I would have been stranded at ECP until the next morning. I guess it was a good experience in the sense that I kinda realise how far the distance is.. Will attempt to complete the whole marathon in October instead. sighz.

so the first weekend was taken up by the marathon (Saturday night run, Sunday - Jimmy's baby shower and then went home to rest/sleep) then the next weekend was Hawx & Owl's wedding. Got roped in to be the emcee, and helped out as a calafare photographer in the morning. I'm very happy for them, and although it was exhausting, it was a great night as I got to meet the 61 pple and catch up. So many people are having babies! Feel abit disconnected from all the baby conversations though.. Forgot how funny and easy it was to be around them and just be myself .. i guess old friends are your best friends after all.

Finally the last weekend was a trip to St John's Island & Kusu Island with James & his photography friends. They are quite an interesting group, and most carry Ipad2 already! It was a pity about the wet weather, else the photos might have turned out to be better. The islands are really tiny! first time for me on Kusu Island and we learnt that tortoises are NOT SLOW! they also seem to like eating mangoes and were really aggressive in fighting for food.

Mom left for London with my youngest sis and it was kinda lonely the last week w/o mum preparing dinner for us (my dad & me) we had to figure out what to eat every night after work and got tired of eating outside food the whole week. Made an effort to have dinner with dad more during the week since Mum wasn't around, hopefully it was enough. He was kinda sad when he sent me to the airport on sunday, I think, he even asked me when i was coming back to SG. we are not expressive or talk much to each other but i guess Dad tries hard to show his love but all the little things like driving us around, taking us for dinner and just small questions.

I almost missed the flight due to a series of unfortunate incidents at the airport (murphy's laws, all my lines I queued in were the slowest, the guy in front of me at DFS tried to pay with an expired credit card etc) and when I reached JP, my luggage fell apart (trolley handle broke, wheel dropped off) and i left my pocket wifi on the plane & had to ask the airport staff to search for it and bring it to me before exiting customs. Then the connecting flight to Osaka from Tokyo was delayed by a full hour & we waited in the plane w/o any information until the plane took off an hour late and the pilot apologised for the delay due to some problem with the left engine. which was kinda alarming whenever the plane starts to shudder due to turbulence or something. FINALLY reached Osaka at 9.45am which means I just missed the bus back and had to wait 40min for the next bus. sighz......... after all these bad luck, finally reached home around noon. not a great flight.

Off to get a new suitcase today, & found a really good looking bag to be my travel bag. Hopefully I don't have to bring around a backpack & the camera sling bag around anymore. :)


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interesting blog, I'm going to have to follow it haha

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Blogger Charles said...

You sound ridiculously busy :0 interesting blog though, followed!

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i was ridiculously busy! anyway thanks for following! :)

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