Sunday, September 04, 2011

千九百五十三: Busy Week

DSC_2369blog Doggy outside Starbucks 

Last weekend was the most relaxing in a long time, without plans, so we had gyoza for lunch, headed to Mikage to read & rot for the rest of the Saturday afternoon. Sunday was a morning at the museum for an exhibition by one of the artists in Ghibli Studio as part of the Kobe Biennale 2011.

The week went by in a flash as well - due to the public holiday in Singapore on Tues & India holidays on Wednesday & Thursday. I finally set my mind to it & went for a run after around a month of not running. It was a short run, only 4km, but was quite worried about injuring my foot more than anything else, & was quite surprised that I managed to do quite ok :) On Tuesday - went for a haircut (after I think 6 months without cutting my hair!), had lunch at starbucks & walked home - which was around 2km away. Don't eat the Churros at starbucks - they were dry & hard. How I miss my churros from Brisbane... (T.T) Wednesday was a mad rush of trying to use up around 9000 points in Daimaru because they were expiring on that day & department store was closing at 8pm. How do they expect working people to shop if they close at 8pm? Finally spent the points on a carpet for use in winter, & some skincare product, & I saw some Onitsuka tigers that I will have to go back & relook at next week. (^^) On Thursday, I met Donpy & Abi for lunch. Donpy was buying over my 35mm lens! After lunch, we just hung out at starbucks while I did my work & they played bejeweled on the Iphone & Ipad, trying to beat my score. Muahahaha - not possible yet! Friday was finally a day at home rushing work stuff, & Typhoon No. 12 (Talas) came along so it was kinda rainy & gloomy. The typhoon was travelling at 10km/h can you imagine, that's like a runner who can run 10km in an hour?! so slow! But apparently, it's slow but powerful and covers a wide area and caused major damage in Wakayama & Nara with floods, landslides and some deaths. So yesterday we were at home waiting for the storm to pass, but actually it was quite ok weather throughout the day, just grey & drizzling, and the rain only really started to fall at night. (><) Today was sort of a housewarming at Ryo's ex-manager's place and then went to replace the batteries on my watch, checked exactly what to do to upgrade my pocket wifi & came home. I'm feeling quite exhausted due to sleeping too late last night.

 Achievement last week, I finished 1 cushion cover!

I'm quite proud of myself, because it's totally handstitched and I didn't think I could finish it because the seams was already like 80cm long. But I did! And I started on the cover for the 2nd chair, hopefully, that one gets completed in a shorter time!

 I have to run alot more next week, tomorrow onwards I guess.. less than 60 days to the Osaka Marathon.


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