Thursday, August 25, 2011

千九百五十二: BBB

New lens!

BBB = Buy Buy Buy!

Spent alot of money yesterday. You know when suddenly you just feel super reckless about spending money, especially when your bank balance is on the decline you feel the "oh heck it!" feeling & spend even more money. it was like that yesterday. Had to pay taxes (around S$1.2k as 1 of the quarterly instalments) which burned quite a big hole in my pocket, & already spent money in Taiwan, & also bought some stocks in JP, & payday is like next week but I was selling my Nikon 35mm next week so i HAD to get a replacement by then (excuses!). But I did want to get a F1.4 after trying out my friend's one at lunch so it was just a matter of time. the only affordable F1.4 was by Sigma (Nikon's one cost S$1.9k) & had pretty good reviews from the people using it (especially this photographer in JP : http://dacafe.petit.cc/. His photos are so tranquil! Hopefully I can get there in future (his skill level). So I couldn't wait, went to Yodobashi to check the price, which was same as the online price, then thought *heck!* & bought it on the spot. (^^)v

I wanted to open up the box at the restaurant, but was eating alone, didn't want more eyes on me (poor thing why is she eating alone..) so just slowly ate with my iphone & then 忍 all the way home before opening it at home. Tried a few shots : http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexxis/sets/72157627508107358/ The background is so blur! i like! Hopefully I have a chance to go out & take more pics with it soon!

Finished up CTT stuff early (today) so had some time to do random stuff that was hanging in the air. Found a way to backup / view all the instagram pics to flickr - Check this site out if you want to do the same. http://instaport.me/ You log in with your Instagram account & you can choose when you want to download until / from & the site will export all the fotos you uploaded into a ZIP file for you to download. After you get your photos you have a backup! :) Here are the photos in flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexxis/sets/72157627513766072/

& remaining tasks / want to dos for today - at least finish up the seams of the cushion cover i'm trying to sew up. My mind is everywhere - so many things i want to do! I want to finish the book i'm reading now too! argh..


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