Wednesday, August 17, 2011

千九百五十: Back from Taipei

this t-shirt totally cracked me up; it says "Playing dead is prohibited"

Ok I'm totally behind on my posts now :x

I've just been to Taipei over the weekend with Ryo & I haven't even blogged about the Gold Coast Trip. Or the long weekend when I went to see the sunflowers. argh.

To remind myself, here's what's missing from this blog from then till now.
1. 15-18 July - Stay at Meriken Park, Visited Sayo sunflower fields, & went to see the 鉄人 at 長田。
2. 22 July - Appbank dinner at DD House
3. 29 July - 3 Aug - short trip to Tokyo, met Shuping & Maya & Fukushima-san & Manami-san. Went to the dino expo too.
4. 6 Aug - Yodogawa Fireworks
5. 7-Aug - High School baseball at Koshien
6. 10 - Aug - Morning High school baseball at Koshien
7. 13 - 17 Aug - Taipei with Ryo.

At least the photo in this post is updated, saw it in Taipei. As you can see, almost every weekend was packed since the last post, either travelling or doing something with Ryo, which is a good thing because we have been so apart the previous months with work / travel separately. Weekdays are crazy with work due to the quarterly release period again, and only got a chance to breathe end of last week & start preparing for Taipei & clear some of the errands/housework piling up.

I enjoyed Taipei alot, it was the closest I could get to Singapore so far from home. & also because i haven't actually had a chance to travel with Ryo since Feb when we went to Singapore. Singapore didn't really count cos I wanted to meet friends & we had to spend alot of time with family. In Taipei, everything was just cheap cheap cheap! when you can enjoy local food and transport for such low prices, travelling becomes 10x more fun, cos you don't have to keep counting how much the thing costs in your local currency & can just eat/drink w/o much consideration. Even so, we spent less than S$400 in total, around S$340 in fact for 5 days, and that's the total for 2 of us :D I guess we covered most of the costs by picking the hotel at Ximending, which covered most of the transport costs since it was central to everywhere. But generally the hotels costs as much as SG if not more, might as well settle for an OK one at OK rates. Which was lucky for me because if i had had to walk back to a really far hotel with my injured food at the end of each day I would have died. The pain almost killed me by the end of Day 3. Don't even know how it got so bad. Sighz.

Back to work tomorrow. Can foresee OT all the way to end of next week. The price I have to pay for a short vacation .. (T.T)


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