Thursday, October 13, 2011

千九百六十:The End of Summer

the end of my sunflower

Not long ago, I was complaining how crazy hot it is here, & suddenly after I come back from Italy, it's almost cold. I'm still happily wearing shorts out in the daytime but at least it's like long fleece pants for pajamas at night. Although it's not super chilly yet,  because I still actually switch on my fan at night sometimes and freeze the husband to death - he is using 2 blankets (?!) while I'm still using a normal very thin one.

I've just upgraded the OS on my iphone to iOS5 (kinda pointless since i'm probably getting the new phone tomorrow)  but just wanted to have the pleasure of saying I'm upgraded the OS in probably the faster time so far w/o any issues on my first try! all thanks to the fact that I had only 3.6GB of apps in my phone. (Refer to my article on how to get rid of apps a few days ago.) & unchecking all music & podcasts & removing all pics before upgrading helped I guess.

After 3 days of disagreements & bickering, we finally pinpointed the reasons why I was so disagreeable & pissed off.
1. There was no birthday celebration or present for me. (from the husband or anyone else actually, my mum did pass me an angbao through my sis)
2. He didn't seem to have plans at all for our future.
3. Accumulated frustrations that I was just here to be his maid & feeling very under-appreciated (since he didn't even bother to make me feel appreciated on my birthday)

He finally understood how important the house buying was to me because i said the D word if nothing is going to change,  (I came up with this new slogan so that he can remember it - No House = No BB = D!) it might sound funny but it really is quite frustrating to see friends going forward in their lives while i'm still going nowhere. :(

Work is quite slow these few days, but maybe i'm still in the vacation mode, (which is why you see so many blog updates) although I should actually do more constructive stuff like ... tidy the house. which I'm not really feeling up to it cos of all the quarrelling (I keep thinking why should I be the one to do everything??). But I hope things are getting better, he made some plans for us to go see more places this Saturday, so good luck to us!


Blogger meow said...

i gave you the yellow/red top for your birthday!

2:40 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

that was for my birthday!? hehehehe

3:35 pm GMT+8  

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