Wednesday, October 12, 2011

千九百五十九: The Meaning of Social

the anti-social bug on my clothesline

Social tools being twitter, facebook, instagram & other apps or programs where you share stuff with people.

I believe there are many many many people who don't understand the purpose of using such tools.

Take for example the below situation:
Instagram is a tool you use to share photographs with other people on the Instagram community. A public account shares your photographs with all users in the community, a private account shares your photos with only your followers. I think the keyword is "share". If you are looking for a photo repository, taking photos for yourself, then don't share. Instagram is not a photo repository system. it's like twitter, when you spam posts with crap, you push other people's (maybe) better posts down the line. If you purposely go to other apps to edit the photos before uploading them, that's sharing, that's totally out of line with taking the pictures for yourself. If you don't have the intention to share, edit the pictures & just keep them in your folder, & NOT SHARE them, instead of sharing them & having people comment about the photos and giving the lamest self defense in the world of, i took them for myself,  who cares about the number of likes, etc etc. If you took them for your self, you wouldn't bother re-editing the picts in another app to make them look better before re-going to instagram to share them again. & then also sharing the pictures on Twitter & facebook which means the same friends get spammed with the photo feed in 3 places. You want approval, you want people to take a look at what you did, that's why we share stuff - you don't share stuff because they were for yourself. If I had a cake I bought for myself, I sure wouldn't be sharing the information with my neighbours: "hey i bought a cake!" & leave the neighbours thinking "you want me to eat is it, that's why you tell me?"

I guess what I'm frustrated or irritated by, is such people saying 1 thing and doing totally another. Their actions clearly contradict their words; do they think we are idiots to not notice? This greatly discounts my trust in such people: they don't like to hear advice, they keep defending their own actions as right instead of learning something new when they get feedback etc. Will they ever be successful in life? I doubt so, because in this world they keep living for themselves (in their very flimsy self-defense) instead of really understanding what social means.

All the social tools have a different purpose to start with, that's why they are not the same tool. To start using all in the same way makes no sense & frustrates other people who are in your social circle.

on a happier note, 2 more days to the new phone!! (=^-^=)


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