Thursday, February 09, 2012


Huat for 2012!

Finally got down to blogging today, after such a long break. FQR12 projects just ended last night, which is why today is quite a free day. (ok there's work but I'm just giving myself a break until deadlines loom near) Going to catch up on some reading hopefully.

I'm also back in Japan & not very happy about the weather. It's freezing here! There's some sort of cold drift across the whole country, and usually Kobe is sorta warmish, less than 10 degrees but never less than 0 degrees,  but this time it went to negative at night and I did not see any snow yet. humph! Last night was the coldest night so far, I just couldn't sleep because my face was freezing and in the end I buried myself (including my head) under the blankets before finally getting warm enough to fall asleep. I hope this doesn't get worse..

The last 2 weeks in SG went by in a blur. It seems to always be that I'm quite free & relaxed until the last 2 weeks when suddenly there just isn't enough time to meet up with everyone and do everything I want to do. I managed to go to Marina Barrage (very inconvenient place to get to without a car although it is a very relaxing environment, good for a picnic or just to lie down on the grass & enjoy the sky), take a ride on the Singapore Flyer (hmm.. a little overrated I guess, but the view was beautiful at night on the MBS side, and I'm glad I did it once), and went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens (fed swans with a friend's daughter, it was fun!) I didn't have time to catch Wicked, which was a pity, given that I've heard so many good reviews. But then, I'm really more of a play person, musicals just don't captivate me as much. I think my favourite is still The Inspector Calls with my sister & Calvin in London, that was hilarious and kept us in stitches the whole time. Maybe next time.

Chinese New Year was quite subdued this year, perhaps because there's only 2 weekdays and people are still tired after the Christmas & New Year holidays. With so many festivals back to back, who would have the mood to keep celebrating. (& also no mood to work at all for December/January) It was work for me for both days, which was good because it meant no need to give angbaos hehe.. and I don't really enjoy making small talk. Although at the end of it, I realised I did miss eating the CNY goodies, but it was too late, because we didn't have any at home.

Ryo is away for a week or so, which makes this short month with each other even shorter. After he comes back, we have around a week together before I go to Tokyo to meet up with the marathon people for a week plus. & we would have been married for 3 years after end of this month. How fast! Perhaps it's all the flying and being apart but it feels alot shorter than that. Which also means that our dear friend has left us for almost 3 years. The worst part is that it happened so soon after the wedding that every time I think about the anniversary, it will also be time for hers. I think of her less often now, but the sadness that comes up every time she comes to mind is overwhelming. The annual visits will be continued for as long as I can, but if I ever forget in future, I hope it will only mean that we are finally at peace with her being in heaven.


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