Wednesday, April 18, 2012

千九百八十一:Travelling is not for Everyone

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I'm very much done with negativity from other people. Especially family members. All they do is complain about other people or stress me with stuff that isn't going to happen in the next half a year, and all I want to do is scream, SHUT UP! Why are you always criticising other people? It's not like you are perfect yourself, and we don't find every single chance we can to criticise you behind your back right? I really hate such hypocritical behaviour, how can you smile at someone in the face one moment and behind her say this and that about her??

I'm really glad to be back on my own this week, enjoy some peace in the house and my ears can take abit of rest. I don't want to join in those complain sessions, I get my TV and couch back and at least no one tries to boss me around in my house. I must make it clear though, it's not that I don't enjoy company; I highly look forward to friends or family coming over and visiting, but some actions are really too much to take (eg. loud proclamations of "oh it's so easy to navigate around I could have done this myself (because I make it look easy & all you did was follow me)", or reaching places of interests that I've planned and then refusing to go in because it isn't free admission (which pisses me off because you make me plan and then you come sightseeing and you don't want to go in?!), or telling me to stop because I AM TIRED when actually you are the one who wants to rest and then after that boast about how energetic you were this trip (because i planned lots of rest time in between?) etc etc. ) I mean, the trip is over, but it wasn't enough to complain during the trip, you had to call me after the trip to complain again about the other party, about money, about how I should stop showing people around because it costs me money to take trains / sightsee with people. I got really angry there. How petty can anyone get?! It really sickened me to hear such words coming from someone I'm related to, I take people around because I want to, who counts those expenses as expenses anyway?? After the phone call, I felt totally depressed and exhausted.

Apart from the negativity, all the sightseeing was quite good because I went to quite a few places that I haven't been to myself, and also managed to see sakura at several places. Caught up with my cousin, had some of mum's cooking and got a bit of break from work. (although now I need abit of a break to rest from the break) Golden week is coming up (hopefully that will be a break). Although if I could go to Hawaii or Phuket now I would be very happy as well.


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