Tuesday, October 16, 2012

千九百九十一: Struggling Along

bb lifting her head higher & higher each time

Bb is almost 3 months old! in another 3 days to be exact. Come to think of it, it's really quite amazing how a single cell organism grew into this cute little thing!

Her growth seems to be on track - just went to a 3 month follow up at KKH & the pediatrician said she was growing well! A little on the bigger side, but that's not a bad thing since she doesn't look like the Michelin man yet. She's drooling alot these days, chewing on her fingers and fist, which is an early sign of teething. Hopefully she doesn't bite me accidentally or purposely in future. Can't imagine the pain if she chomps down while drinking milk. from her mummy. eeeeeks!

I've been bringing bb almost everywhere I go. Places that allow babies at least. She's a big hit at group dinners, wedding dinners because she is such a friendly bb who allows everyone to carry her and then she chatters on and on and smiles at people so everyone wants a hand in carrying her. My parents have been helpful in taking care of the bb when I do want to go out on my own, I guess they enjoy the time with the bb since now there is an ample supply of frozen milk in the fridge. I finally watched my first musical, Avenue Q! It was quite an impulse decision, because I had always thought it was muppets related  so why would I want to pay $100+ just to watch the muppets! In the end, it was a hilarious musical due to the adult themed songs, we just kept laughing from start to end. I wouldn't mind watching it again definitely!

In another 1.5 weeks, it's time to go back to Japan again. Time really flies (T.T) I've been here 4 months this time and it feels like i've only really enjoyed myself the first and last month (for very obvious reasons). I do feel quite excited at the thought of finally introducing bb to our home & also to do everything the way I want, hopefully it won't be too much of a struggle.


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