Wednesday, May 23, 2012

千九百八十四: The Sun and the Moon

Annular solar eclipse on 21/5/2012 - when the moon has almost covered the sun

It was great that the past 2 weeks had both a super moon & the solar eclipse. The solar eclipse was a very rare occasion; the previous one that was visible in Japan happened 932 years ago, and I'm really happy that I had the chance to witness it (even better it was with Ryo beside me since it was early morning before he had to go to work). It was spectacular to say the least, and although it isn't a total eclipse (when the whole world turns dark for that few seconds), it was still kinda breathtaking when the moon went straight into the center of the sun. Of course, my camera isn't powerful enough to take an amazing shot, so this is the best I can get. There is a shot of the moon in the center, but I think I like this one better, in terms of sharpness. Also, I think the media did really well, cos they actually did a full broadcast of the eclipse, counting down etc, so that people who can't get out of the house like old people were also able to experience and see the eclipse. I don't know why, but this felt like a very motivational moment for the Japanese people ever since the earthquake & tsunami last year, a sort of bright spot to get everyone happy and excited again, even if it was only for a day. Seeing everyone getting so excited on the streets on TV, strangers sharing their eclipse sunglasses, even dogs getting into the fun, it felt like the country was on the way to getting back on their feet. I don't know when I can see an eclipse again, but hopefully within this lifetime there will be a few more. :D

One more weekend to going back to SG, am having abit of mixed feelings to be separated from Ryo for such a long time this round. 5 months maybe? He's been great the past few months, although of cos not great at helping out at housework, but great in the sense that he tries to come home earlier, have more meals with me, accompanies me to all the doctors' visits and just basically accomodates me whenever i suddenly want to go some place or act a little crazy. This is probably the first time I actually feel like I will miss him alot when I go to sg, because he won't be around for me to hold his hand when I go out and watch out for me in crowded places. (T.T) and also I'm not sure if I can actually survive all the nagging/quarrelling that is inevitable to happen after staying at home for a while. sighzz.. I guess I should just think about all the positive parts, like friends & food for the time being.

I'm feeling super lethargic lately, and it's hard to climb out of bed in the mornings, and I actually almost slept until noon or later somedays by accident. I don't take naps after I get up, although I don't wake up at night after falling asleep at all, I'm wondering how I am able to go to work after getting to SG if this continues to happen. Suddenly am feeling full of admiration for preggy people who commute to work daily especially during peak hours, because I really don't think I can do that with all the waking up early and squeezing with the crowds. Especially hate guys who smell weird, some smell of smoke, some just smell funny (not BO, and not sweat, just a weird sour smell that they emit & I think they dunno it), and also coffee smells. & onion smells. Everything I don't like is just magnifiedx10 basically. hmm.. although the thought of what is going to happen in 2 months is even more scary.


Blogger P.I.G. said...

boo didnt get to see the eclipse coz i was running late & brushing my teeth when it all happened! Anyways, must keep thinking of happy thgs so you'll have a smiling baby!!

12:24 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

alamak! u should have switched on the TV, they were showing the whole thing on TV like 3 times (counting down for Kagoshima, Wakayama & Tokyo)

hehe thanks.. i am trying to just enjoy my last week in JP for a long time for now..

1:56 pm GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! It's been a while since I've visit your blog coz I've been quite busy with work and I'm happy to see that now you are preggy! Congrats to you! Hope you have a smooth and easy pregnancy, and update more often if you are not too tired k :)

11:37 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

hey thanks! I think I'm doing ok so far (compared to other ladies that I see), i'll probably update within the next few days since i'm quite free these 2 days at work hehe. How are u? I went to your blog but there seems to be no recent updates since your birthday.

11:38 am GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad to know you are ok so far, i'm happy for you even though i don't really know you in person :D my work has been depleting my energy and i have a few incomplete blog entries lying around, or rather too lazy to get things organized... about your other entry, i think you should take most comments with a pinch of salt, some people could be trying to strike a conversation and some are just out there to make others feel bad... but for the sake of your own & baby's health, you should keep yourself happy from now on! easier said than done, but must still try to stay cheerful!

5:49 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

yeah.. i know this guy always has a bad mouth.. but it had been a bad day & his comment was sorta the last straw :( but anyway... i'm feeling better after a few days.. thanks for passing on to me your happy feelings! :D

8:39 am GMT+8  

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