Friday, May 11, 2012

千九百八十三: Late Nights

Mosaic, Habourland in Kobe (HDR)

Been swamped with work & late night calls. Golden week was really the last chance to relax although I didn't know it then. Manage to proceed along with my crocheting (but still... the pouch isn't completed yet), read a little, ate (quite alot?) and watched alot of TV.

This week has been midnight calls the whole week, all 5 days, & I don't understand why these people can't just think through things even before discussing them. We waste most of the hours discussing / reading the stuff on screen & then the last part saying let's consider this now, but there's no more time in the meeting and we have to have another meeting the next day. Anyway, I'm just glad I'm not speaking at these calls, just listening in is really enough to make me want to puke blood. I really need some sleep after a whole week of late nights, but when I wake up in the morning (when Ryo leaves for work at 7), it's so hard to fall asleep again that I'm just zombified the whole day after that. & that can't be good for my health...

I'm kind of dozing off in front of the laptop now in fact, maybe I should go take a quick nap. (>.<) good night!


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