Wednesday, July 31, 2013

二千: 1 year!

bb is one year old! 

Didn't realise it's the 2000th post *pops champagne*

Let me recall July highlights quickly -
1. SEA aquarium at resorts world
2. Tim Ho Wan char siew bao
3. Playdates at hokey pokey
4. Hotel staycation in Osaka Bay


5. BB's 1 year old birthday!!

Quick thoughts on the events.

1. SEA Aquarium
The big tank in the aquarium was quite impressive, but is it really the World's largest aquarium?? BB slept throughout the aquarium walk but she woke up later and quite enjoyed herself splashing a little water with Uncle J at the fountain area.

2.  Tim Ho Wan char siew bao
The charsiewbao was really good I must admit. The rest of the food was quite.. normal? Everything was freshly cooked /made which was a plus point, but that's about it I guess.

3. Playdates at Hokey Pokey
BB joined bb Geoffrey and Natanael at hokey pokey at Millenia walk for playdates. It was really more of the kids checking out all the toys themselves rather than playing with each other, but I guess it's not really all that conducive a place for kids to play with one another unless they were already friends. Quite a good place to play with toys that are too big to buy for the house, like pretend kitchens etc

4. Staycation in Osaka Bay
It was a highlight until we reached the hotel and realised that the room was quite old & small and the view was only ... meh? Never trust free hotel stays again. But anyway, we got a chance to sleep in an aircon room (the house has no aircon yet) and just relax together for the weekend on a comfortable bed, it was not a bad experience overall.

5. BB's first birthday!
Finally! it's been a year.. and i think it's just getting difficult. BB is now starting to walk & grabbing stuff off tables and everywhere she can reach. We celebrated her birthday in SG, at home and also with her Japanese grandparents after I came back. I hope bb stays healthy this year and grow up to be a good girl!


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