Thursday, March 28, 2013

千九百九十六: Packing up

empty shelves

It's almost moving day! (7th April to be exact)

How fast time flies! I remember flying here in April 2009, and suddenly it's been 4 years and we're finally moving out into a house of our own.

Thanks to this being a rental apartment, and being a tiny tiny place, I didn't buy much stuff to decorate, which made packing quite a breeze since it's mostly large items, books, clothes and basically easy to pack stuff.  Dishes, utensils in the kitchen have special utensil boxes which means no more wrapping with newspapers. Shoes have a shoe box (like a shoe cupboard, you just stuff shoes in them directly). Anything that can't be put in the boxes will be moved by the moving company directly. Which is quite alot of stuff actually, since the boxes are not that big. I've taken the chance to do an inventory of my clothing, which has been quite surprising so far, 13 pairs of jeans can you believe it?! Some are from my uni days, which actually, for a span of 9 years, is not that many pairs. I did accumulate lots of running attire in the last few years, which means I should make full use of them this year. I've signed up for 2 runs in sg so far, which is an incentive to train, now the only bottleneck is bb. Things should slightly improve after moving day, I can go do rounds at Meriken Park near the new place.

This is a video of the moving company - 

I think they are pretty cool! if you see the video, you'll know what I'm talking about. Of course, the people in the video paid for the moving people to pack everything for them, which I think is not really necessary in our case. & of course not paying them to unpack for us as well, I think it's weird that I would know where I want to put my stuff in my new place in advance. 

My MIL keeps insisting on coming to help us pack, but I've managed to fend her off so far. Firstly, she is old and can't carry any heavy things. Also, she isn't very tall, can't reach for tall  shelves. If anything happens to her (falls, injures herself) I would have more problems on my hands - how to take care of the baby as well? She asked me to bring the bb over instead, I was thinking, how is that a help when the baby doesn't really like you, cries after you carry her for 30 min, and needs milk in 2-3 hours? And if I'm at home, I still can pack here and there slowly, with no rush, but if she comes here to help look after the baby, I would be pressured to pack as much as I can just cause she is there? when I still have 2 weeks to stay here, I don't want to put everything into the boxes yet! We've already encountered some situations when we think oh shit, damn, we packed xxx into the boxes already, when we needed some stuff. And somemore, I'm supposed to be working on weekdays, after 4 years, she still doesn't seem to understand what working means. She sometimes insist on coming over on weekdays in the daytime, of course if she comes over, she will sit and chat for 2 hours. The other day, she came over and immediately bb who was in a good mood originally, started wailing. Because she tried to carry /touch her. I want to tell her to chill, let bb get familiarised with her first, and seriously, as an adult i have my personal space radius, I think bb also has, which is why she always gets pissed off by the mil because she just invades people's personal space. I don't like people touching me eg hair, hand or what, but she is the touchy kind of person and frankly, I hate it! ok .. I'm just letting off steam here, but maybe being alone most of the time has made me an even more prickly person around others. But I think the one thing that stuck me with the foul impression is that the first time she came over, she opened my drawers w/o permission. and the closed doors to my other rooms. Have you seen anyone come into other pple's houses and just open the drawers in their cupboards w/o asking!? She is a nice person in general, but like I said, I'm prickly and fussy and I remember such things quite clearly. so.. I can only say, as hard as I try to be civil and respectful when I have to interact with her, I just try to avoid seeing her as much as I can.

Ok I guess that's enough complaining for this post. Moving on to packing t-shirts /dresses today! 


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