Tuesday, December 31, 2013

二千〇五:2013 is ending!

Another draft post finally up.

 December was a lazy month, mainly trying to get over holidays in November and anticipating the Xmas & New year holidays and the trip to SG. Everytime a good friend or family comes and leaves, it kinda feels like a big gaping hole is opened in my heart. Maybe it's a bit exaggerated, but I think I will never ever get used to life here properly without my friends or family around. in JP, I just want to hide in the house, huge inertia to dress up and go out, and maybe because i have to do everything myself here?

 I don't know what I've achieved in 2013. 
1. Closure for alot of issues supposedly are still hanging in the air.
2. BB is one, and i registered her properly in a school is one good thing i've done i guess.
3. Ran one marathon (Kobe Marathon) with the guys in the same race and completed
4. turned 31.

 Hopefully 2014 sees more from me.


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