Tuesday, November 26, 2013

二千〇四:Happy Achievements

Ok... I'm going to have to skip the October post first because I want to put down all November happenings before I forget.

1. The horrible work project that took my days from 17-Oct to 2-Nov is over! (Yes everyday - 15 hours/day)
2. 2 groups of friends visited me!
3. I completed the Kobe Marathon 2013!

after the race with Yuh Soon & Julius 

First - the marathon.
I was super nervous leading up to it, because I caught a cold the week before that while sightseeing and it was the kind of flu that had green mucus and headaches and almost coughs, and was still showing symptoms up to the day before. The hb caught it right before the marathon when he was supposed to help take care of the bb during the run and I was feeling quite stressed wondering if he would be able to look after bb during my run and if not what was I going to do!! Anyway.. I enjoyed a bbfree morning the day b4 that, we went to the expo to get our race packs and after that came back for lunch and dinner with the bb. I was feeling quite tired actually, since I was sick and I didn't get enough sleep the night before as well. I tried to go to bed at 11pm the night before the marathon but ended up bb didn't want to sleep until 2-3am and Ryo was finally awake to entertain her.

The morning of the marathon, I woke up quietly, got ready with the guys and sneaked out at around 7.30am. The best thing is that the marathon was pretty much just at my doorstep, and we had to go down early only for bad deposits and just stretch and wait around. I merged myself among the guys who were in group D (i'm group G) and started off with them. The first loo at the motomachi starbucks saved me, and after that it was just running until 18km and walking the rest of the way with a bit of up slope running here and there.

I'm slightly disappointed that I was slower than at the Osaka marathon - but then I thought - I barely trained for 2 months - and I still can walk after that - so .. at least I completed it! I'm really happy the guys came (I was all prepped to join myself because they said they weren't interested to join but signed up after, during the gold coast marathon season). PHEW! it was loads more fun because they were here, even if just for the moral support. & very happy to see bb & the supporters, with like 8km to go. it was probably the longest 8km ever!!! next up.. Tokyo Marathon in feb.. but this time i will be alone (T.T)

Next - all the sightseeing.
Umera & her family came before the marathon and Julius & Yuh Soon came after. Basically it was just eat eat eat all the way. BB was quite a terror, kept throwing tantrums and i got so tired handling her. But.. managed to find the onsen area in Kyoto, visited Arashiyama twice, stayed in Kyoto at 烏丸 for the first time in my life (now i can almost tell u the layout of the shops along 四条) and visited the 清水寺 at night for their autumn nights special openings. Legs are soooo tired, but the onsen was good for the marathon recovery just that all the sightseeing made me tired again ahahaha!

Finally - Work .
The horrible project made us work continuously 18 days straight, over the weekends as well, for Europe hours. Felt like I was going mad, having to manage bb and work over such stressful conditions with the problematic project. Of cos we survived it , is there anyway not to? Just that the work conditions were hellish... I foresee January to be similar again :( But at least this time i'll be in Sg..

It's been a happy november so far, with all the babysitters around and the Kobe marathon completed. and Xmas will be here soon! & I can also look forward to going to SG again in Jan and seeing all my friends soon!


Blogger P.I.G. said...

Hey we will be supporting u during the tokyo marathon k! Just as long as I don't oversleep :p

9:08 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

heeehee !! thanks :D i still dunno which part of the route ur place is at.. remember to call out to me or something

8:06 pm GMT+8  

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