Thursday, October 31, 2013

二千〇三:Work work work

DSC_9986 bb with a tiny rubberducky on her head! 

 In October - I worked from 16-Oct to Nov 3 without a break. It was hell, especially on days when bb was whiny. I'm just glad I finally managed to see the giant rubberducky in Osaka the weekend before the hell period. The duck was situated in a really inconvenient location, at a port area in Nakanoshima, luckily we pushed bb there in the stroller. It gave me a chance to do a long run home as well, around ... 21km? which actually come to think of it isn't that far haha. The duck is so cute ! unfortunately we didn't realise that they were selling the small version of that rubber ducky limitedly every few hours and missed it ... so I guess we have to try to see it next year again!

Also managed to bring bb to the indoor Playground at Kidokid with Peishan & her bb. The place is fun and we discover something new to do everytime! DSC_9936

 I think nothing much else happened in Oct.. besides work. but at least that's over.


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