Thursday, January 02, 2014

二千〇六:2014 Resolutions

bb helping me to think on new year's day. 

I was thinking what I wanted to achieve in 2014 and here's a list -
  1. Yoga everyday in 2014 - it doesn't have to be a full set daily, no pressure, but definitely want to try to put in time daily because I feel so inspired looking at photos of other people doing yoga and basically have become so unflexible that I almost am starting to feel angry at my body. This should help in my running as well?? Anyway, I'm logging my thoughts at http://yoga3652014.blogspot.jp/ if anyone is curious! 
  2. Running - Tokyo marathon is the first event (had such high hopes and its really hard to go running with bb and the festive season, and going to sg soon) so all I'm aiming for is to run more during the marathon and end with a slightly better time?? (><) Perhaps I'll try to join the smaller races in the year. I'm slightly interested in the Nagoya women's marathon, but that's just a maybe. I can maybe run more when bb starts school in April. 
  3. Travel - I want to go either France or Hawaii?? Or maybe just Taiwan or Hong Kong to pig out.. 
  4. Photography - Nowadays most of my shots are of bb. Which is actually quite difficult, since she moves about at the speed of lighting. I'll aim to improve my toddler photography with my cheapo camera! & perhaps do a 365day photobook at the end of the year! 
  5. Baking - Learn to bake something new every 3 weeks? (excluding travel months)
  6. Knitting/Crocheting/sewing - A pair of house socks for Ryo in time for the next winter at least, and to complete bb's little dress for this year's winter! ahahaha! and also... her baby stroller blanket in time for this winter as well.. 
  7. Parenting- try my best as an idle parent to help bb grow well! 


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