Friday, April 18, 2014

二千十:Updates Big & Small

I must apologise for the lack of updates. I do realise the more I put off updating the blog, the harder it is to recall what I wanted to blog about.

Let me just recap the events of this month first -
1. 13-April - Half marathon at Ashiya
The last race I did was the marathon in Tokyo and you would think a half marathon should be peanuts. It wasn't really, because the shorter the race, the faster you run. Ran a very fast 10km, quite surprised since I didn't train much really. But the race consisted of 2 loops of the same area, so it got boring after finishing 10km, and considerably slowed down. At least I ranked 1044/1222 participants overall. (majority are males)

2. Worked very hard to complete all the bb 1 year old photobooks. Did one on rakuten with the DSLR pictures, and did one on blurb with instagram pictures as well. If you are interested to get a copy, here it is:

3. This is UAT week actually, but this week has been quite relaxing, in the sense that I managed to complete most of my testing in the first few days and so, am able to enjoy today by bringing bb to the indoor playground. I miss going to the office alot, I miss my parents taking care of the bb, I miss the feeling like I was really properly working and not just slacking off work to look after the baby..

4. Forgot the most major event (because it was so tiring) - bb started school. Or should I say  - playgroup school. I opted for 2 times a week, but I realised it was more tiring for me, have to wake up early and take her there and fetch her back after 4 hours, transport time is taking up so much time! But, must perservere. It has been 3 sessions so far, and she is getting more and more used to it. (She cried alot the first day, and on the 3rd session, only cried like 3 minutes and stopped when I left). Hope things improve and she starts having more fun!

5. Looking forward to the short holiday to the Capcom Villa end of the month. I keep feeling like we haven't done a proper family vacation for ages! Maybe it's my own fault, since I was enjoying myself in Singapore for the first 2 months of this year.


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