Monday, March 31, 2014


I was thinking why I kept this on draft mode for so long (for March) & I realised March was just work and work.

We rented a car and went to the flower center some 50km away. It was a mistake to rent an electric car, because we had to stop & charge it every 1-2 hours?! and the charging stations are far and few in the sort of rural areas (mainly at service areas or nissan dealers.. ) so we took like 4-5 hours to reach the place, it was still early tulips blooming mainly and took another few hours to drive back.

Bought air tickets to go to New York with bb, in an attempt to do a last free travel for her before she turns two years old. Will be watching a yankees baseball match! (that's the main aim)

We bought a baby jogging stroller as well, it's been quite good so far, given that we have decided we want to jog abit more.

Spent a large part of this month trying to get ready bb's school stuff. I didn't know going to school in jp required so many things, either handmade or bought, and the name labelling! on EVERYTHING (even every stick of crayon) I guess it's an issue of whether to spend money to buy or to make, since everything can be bought somehow but didn't really seem worth it given the price I can make the items at.


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