Monday, June 30, 2014

二千十二:Mum in Japan

DSC_3369blog at Sumida aquarium, Tokyo Skytree

Mum came to stay for about a month and we had pretty good homecooked food, and lovely fatty rice dumplings (there's still about 4 more frozen in my fridge for rainy days) and a clean house, at least until mum fell sick with flu.

We took a short trip to Tokyo, but the weather was bad, everyone was feeling under the weather, it wasn't a very good trip.

The whole month was full of bad feelings, partly because BB was rejecting mum the whole month. Mum kept on saying "she wasn't like this in Singapore!" but I mean.. this is home ground, BB is quite a possessive and territorial creature. She shouted NO at everything mum did or handled, which I guess was quite tiring and made mum feel quite sad. Also, it meant that mum couldn't help much in looking after BB, and we all were quite angry with BB.

However, towards the end of the month, BB mellowed quite a bit, allowed mum to babysit her while we went to the Radwimps concert, and that's kind of all the couple time we had.

I guess some relationships are better kept distanced. I enjoy having my mum around, cos she's like a cleaning machine, and cooks, but we are all kinda subjected to her mood swings which is a super tiring affair. She criticises everything as well,  and doesn't really think about other people's feelings before commenting. Unless I can get out daily to recharge, I think it's inevitable that staying with her leads to quarrels almost all the time. She wants everything to be done her way, but this is my house! I know I'm a control freak, so maybe it's me. Anyway, mum's gone back to sg, a facetime relationship is better for both of us.

July will be a busy work month.. and BB's turning 2! I haven't had the slightest idea what to do for her birthday though.


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