Thursday, December 31, 2015

二千三十一: Tiny Books for Tiny Folks

I've been working hard to launch this idea I had, and it's finally up!

Tiny Books for Tiny Folks

I was looking for English books for bb in the public library and the library had only 1 miserable shelf of books so I was forced to buy books for bb instead. and I thought - other mums who are looking for english picture books must be having the same problem - books are expensive, we are running out space to put them, and once they grow up the books have to be disposed of, why don't I be the library since I bought so many books already anyway?

so here we are, the library. The price is super reasonable, can you sacrifice a 1000yen lunch a month to just pay for borrowing 5 books to read to your child? (including postage back and forth) really, it's barely covering postage, and a little bit of funding for books, I'm not even earning anything out of it after all expenses. We have currently more than 270 books - take a look at the catalog here:

The Facebook page is here:

The basic service is up and running, registration -> reservations -> loans & returns, monthly newsletters, and I'm trying to have more members before we do more ($$$ is not unlimited). So.. If you live in Japan and are looking for a cheaper alternative to read lots of English books to your child without buying lots and lots of books, do check my site out!


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