Tuesday, March 31, 2015

二千二十二: Old Friends and a Holiday

LokLok! - a Penang delicacy

After CNY, March was a slow month where I caught up with lots of old friends (>10years of friendship?). From uni, from JP, and I managed to take my first short break without bb!

in summary - because I'm blogging this in retrospective very very late:
- Met James / Shu Fen after like ... 12 years? I haven't met them properly since I left hall, besides James being at my wedding and although we are connected on facebook and we sort of know what's happening in all our lives, but it's just not the same as meeting up. Met the kids, met James' wife, had a good chat/playdate.
- Met Robert after 10 years? Last seen in Capcom until he resigned from his job, and I think he moved to Tokyo, and then by pure chance he was in SG for work so we met for dinner and drinks. Brought him to see the merlion, eat chicken rice, and basically took silly pictures today as tourists and had a good catchup.

Holiday!  I had to use up my miles by Dec-2014 so I redeemed my ticket to Penang since I haven't been there before. Umera was ok to go with me and she had a good friend who lived there and brought us around the whole time. (Thank you Ashley!) Penang was a fantastic place with good food. Lots of good food. We were eating all the time. I was supposed to facetime with bb in the night before bed but I kept forgetting, (oops...) but anyway she didn't seem to miss me so it was still ok. My parents and sisters kept her occupied and entertained very well! I'll definitely go again in future if I get a chance to.


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