Tuesday, December 20, 2016

(2039) Another Year Ends

Can't believe it's a month already since the previous post.
(I think time really passes faster as we get older)

Somehow I have so many things I want to do daily - knit/crochet, read, games and there is never enough time.

Not much has happened since the last post (maybe that's why I procrastinate in between posts and suddenly half a year has passed), we went to Ise for the annual Capcom villa trip with the hb's colleagues again. There was some drama at the end, when the driver put in diesel into our rental car instead of petrol and we were stuck at the petrol station and had to find our way home somehow. But good learning experience - on what not to do - https://www.quora.com/What-happens-when-you-fill-a-petrol-car-with-diesel-What-is-the-solution-if-such-an-incident-happened You will have to drain the whole fuel tank if you haven't started the engine and if you have, you have will to take out the whole engine to clean it. so.. just don't do it.

Homeschool - somehow we manage to try to at least do 2 subjects a day, I do my work and the bb does her books. Or if I'm too busy, she'll just take a book and flip through it herself. Reading is something we should do more of, but for now, she is being read to by the Dr Seuss treasury on the ipad and I hear her reading after the words on it so it's better than nothing. Chinese we do some writing, and she speaks to my parents on facetime in mandarin so it's still good, some daily practice. I've also started giving her instructions in Chinese - Eat Faster! Go brush your teeth! etc. Hopefully it's enough for this year at least. Employment situation is unclear for next year yet, so I guess we'll just carry on homeschool because it's really quite relaxing for both of us then forcing me and her to wake up early and to communicate with other mums in school. (ultra introvert behaviour)

I don't know if I want this year to end so quickly. It's been a good year, with lots of travelling.


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