Wednesday, July 30, 2003

woke up earlier today to prepare lunch for andy.. going to meet him at his workplace.. heard him so stressed out and tired and moody last nite about his work and felt veri bad for him.. so decided to cook him a nice lunch and eat with him.. n it was pretty gratifying to hear that he immediately cheered up with a happier tone of voice.. :) i'm realli a veri sweet girl u noe... :P

today being make-everyone-happy day, agreed to accompany my sis to the library to research for her project on world war 2. it's great to see her taking an interest in her projects and so interested in something academic for a change.. quite afraid she won't get into a top jc or anithing... not that i have anithing against the other jcs, but of course as an alumnus, i would say that hwachong is the best!!! hahaha.. best years of my sch life were when i was there and nothing can change that.. my jc class is still super united.. meeting up every 1-2 weeks.. wif loads to tok about each time.. so happy everytime i see them!! :)

after all, we've (me and my sisters) all managed to go to the same schs so far, despite being different in our interests and strengths.. hopefulli, the tradition will stay unbroken? its oni cos we're from the same schs that we can discuss teachers and all.. and i give advice to them regarding exams and teachers etc.. well.. i must say our route of education is pretty gd.. first a gd english education in a CHIJ all-girls primary sch.. with no bad influences of bad little boys.. and then onwards to Nanyang with its strict values and discipline and emphasis on being an all-rounder, once again w/o the bad influences of naughty boys.. n then finalli to hwachong where we blossom into great pple: non-pretentious and non-whiny.. a common trait in me and my sisters.. besides being realli cute.. so endearing to all our frens... *pukes* hahahaha..

hopefully this will be a good day today! :)


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