Saturday, July 26, 2003

dead beat.

just came from the commencement dinner. and my feet are dead.. wore the 4-inch heels i bought with my black dress and i nearli dieded. realli admire the women who can wear these heels and walk ard all day.. indoors is bad enuff, and outdoors is hell. can't walk properly, can't balance, and when i finalli get a chance to stand still, my feet are shaking so badly i just want to sit down..

the dinner was boring, food only normal, nothing special.. oni highlights were the tiger beer girls.. one of them was pretty, but a little too old.. heh.. felt abit out of place there.. cos i seemed to be overdressed.. :P but at least i look nice.. didn't win anithing at the lucky draw..

did nothing much the whole day, except piah abit of maths for tomolo's training.. arghh.. still on them.. who would know that pr 6 maths is so tedious?! ...


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