Sunday, July 20, 2003

wah. suay day, think i better be more careful this week..

went to ikea today and bought frames for my jigsaw.. ikea frames are realli cheap, and bought the clothes hanging rack and boxes for my cosmetics and stuff..

came out and almost kena knocked down.. we 4 were crossing the road and have no idea how come none of us realised that the red man was still showing.. just followed a couple blindly across when they started walking.. didn't realise cars were still going across after the central divider and we just carried on walking.. i was looking at my hp and didn't notice at all the danger we were in.. until junwei realised that something was amiss when cars kept passing in front of us and he shouted at us.. i stopped, looked up, and was still feeling blur.. saw the red man and realised that omigod!! nearli kena and stopped walking immediately, but ben still continued forward.. managed to pull him back in the nick of time.. whew! big shock at the narrow escape..

then later went inside queensway .. fila was having sale so went to take a look.. managed to hit my head realli hard on the edge of a shelf.. vision actualli blurred for a moment.. and it realli realli hurt like crazy.. remembered thinking.."wat the.. ?! so heng?!" .... veri veri pissed with the shop..

on my way home.. kena bird shit on the head. !?!?!?!!? yah. not bluffing.. how suay can a person get?!! ben was just saying "today not ur day leh.. u betta be careful.." and this realli happens.. wah liu.. i think i better be careful the whole of next week.. pls pray for me everyone..


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