Thursday, July 17, 2003

just came back from dblo.. it was so fun tonite! didn't get drunk.. abit high.. but all spoilt by my mom's nagging when i reached home! get a life! always blame me for her insomnia or waking her up by my keyboard tapping in the middle of the nite etc etc.. wat shit.. totally ridiculous. then nag at me to do some stupid chores tomolo. and to wash my smoky clothes immediately. pls lah.. all i wanna do is to sleep. its me that's smelli not my clothes! its my room and i dun even smell anithing, wats with u?! duh.. as if i'll remember wat she said tomolo.. prolly sleep until afternoon aniway.. on the comp she oso wanna kaobei.. heck her.. totalli not going to live at home during term time if i can help it.. at least can do my own stuff in peace. total irritation~~!!! now i totalli remember why i wanted to live in hall.


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